Recently released surveys of nurses and dentists illustrate health care providers continued inability to quickly procure certified and authentic personal protective equipment. (PPE). A survey of more than 1,000 dental practices released earlier in May found that 90% of those surveyed were concerned about procuring PPE.  A survey of over 23,000 nurses found that 87%

Big Banks continue to deny small- and medium-sized Main Street businesses compensation due to them for helping borrowers obtain PPP loans quickly, as intended. But their arguments are thin, and the DOJ is closing in to help as well.  ZPP’s class action suits will solve the problem.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the best in many and as with any crisis, it has attracted bad actors looking to capitalize on the situation.  In response, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) (along with many states) have targeted certain activities to ensure the availability of sufficient personal protection equipment (PPE).  To accomplish

COVID-19 has proved especially troubling for education.  The pandemic challenges every aspect of the educational enterprise and at every level.  Yet decisions have to be made:  should commencement take place?  Should distance learning become the norm?  How do residence halls, dining halls, and athletics operated in “plague years?”  What should institutions do about tuition if

ZPP is proud to represent business consultant AD Sims LLC, along with our colleagues Ben Meiselas and Michael Adler,  in a class action case filed last week in Chicago federal court against Bank of America and other banks for failure to pay  the required borrower’s agent fees under the Federal PPP and CARES Act. 

As a regular contributor to the new media outlet founded by Ben Meiselas (@meiselasb) and its coverage of business, law, sports, media and politics (and the intersection of all 5,  our Managing Partner, Michael Popok has published a timely thought-piece about the potential effects of the war on Covid-19 on our privacy rights —

As a regular contributor to the new media outlet and its coverage of business, law, sports and politics (and the intersection of all 4), along with its publisher, Ben Meiselas, our Managing Partner, Michael Popok just published a thought-piece about the constitutionality of a national lockdown–  OPINION: Quarantine and National Lockdown Orders May Not